Tail Add-On

Tail Add-On


Tail Type

- Listing picture is for example only. Your tail will be customized with spikes to match your jacket. -


Add this item to your cart, to upgrade your dragon or dinosaur hoodie (of any size) to include a tail.


The tail will be the same color as the jacket (unless specified otherwise), will continue the pattern of spikes from the jacket, and will be permanently sewn onto the garment. The tail will hang down, approximately 12” from the back of the hoodie waistband.


You can choose to have the heart at the end the tail, or if hearts are not your thing, you can select to have your tail end at a point.


This is an add-on item.


– How to Order –


First: add your dinosaur or dragon hoodie to the cart. You can find listings here https://wolfeandscamp.com/collections/dino-hoodies and https://wolfeandscamp.com/collections/dragon-hoodies


Next: add this listing to your cart.

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